Experimental, award-winning, creative, passionate, and non-frying-pan throwing are five ways
to define our world class brigade of culinary artists. Culinaire has chef-driven kitchens,
not corporate-driven ones.

I   met a guy who had an interesting job. He was a meat cutter, or a meat slicer, something like that. I probably just butchered his job title
– Jarod Kintz


Culinaire has many exciting food and beverage job opportunities from entry level to experienced management. We are an innovative, growing company and are constantly searching for talented chefs, effective restaurant managers, motivated catering sales professionals and ambitious food and beverage chiefs.


Current Online Job Listings


Management positions at Culinaire are most rewarding because of the high degree of entrepreneurship
we allow (and expect!) from our teams. We have standard operating procedures but achieve results
that are anything but standard-- so we rely on our managers to chart their own courses to success.

Our national teams of catering sales professionals thrive in a highly competitive industry because of their extensive sales training, culinary knowledge, innate sense of style, unfailing operational excellence and
generous commissions paid on all actualized revenue.

Start your career with Culinaire. We are always looking for servers, kitchen crew, dining
room attendants and bartenders that pay an hourly wage with potential to move up to
management. Additionally, we have a wide variety of hourly positions with flexible
scheduling so you can attend school or care for your children.